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The List of The Best Travel Sites in the Internet

So this was a hard one. Collecting the best travel sites on the internet was not easy at all!! But as promised here is the epic list!

best travel sites

The Best Travel Sites in the internet:

1. Trip Hobo

Just one of the very best cheap travel sites. In trip hobo you get a lot of advantages in prices and that allows you to travel more and for cheap.The moment you see the website you will realize why it is one of the best travel sites in the internet. You can literally plan a whole vacation by using this site!

 Everybody who loves travel knows that the one who gets the better deals is the best!! Trip Hobo is just awesome!

2. Airbnb

Just one of the best travel sites to get departments or houses to rent! We were able to get an awesome department well ubicated in london for six days and  3 people for just for 600 dollars. Even hostels were more expensive. You can find awesome places to stay anywhere in the world. This site is awesome.

3. Skyscanner

One of the best travel sites on the web to get the best flights!! No matter what destination you are looking for this website is amazing to get the cheapest flights!!! I love that you can also find a lot of variety of flights and prices no matter the date that you are looking for.

4. HotWire

Hotwire is amazing to get the cheapest and finest hotels in the internet. Hotwire is one of the best travel sites in the internet because it chooses different hotels in certain locations and it makes a draw between different people to see which hotel you get but every single one of them at the same price. Sometimes you can get a 5 star hotel paying almost the same as you would in a hostel.

Hot wire is simply one of the best travel sites in the internet period.

What is important about hotwire is that it isn't the best travel site for buying flights. It is great for finding cheap hotels and the possibility to stay in 5 star ones paying a hostal fee. We don't recommend it for anything else. Maybe in the car rental you can get lucky too. But use it mainly to find hotels.

5. Trip Advisor

Trip advisor is the one of the best travel sites in matter of what to do where to go in cities. I love trip advisor because the moment you arrive to a destination you will see all the "must do" stuff in that city. Many times it is very difficult to chose what to visit in certain cities due to the amount of stuff there is to see. But with trip advisor you will be guided perfectly no matter what city you are. And you will get the very best experience in everyplace you go.

Trip advisor also shows you the very best restaurants the city has, and that it AMAZING because you can go to the "everytown" cheap delicious restaurants without the need of asking someone that is a local. That would be the perfect definition for trip advisor. Your local friend in every city in the world.

The best travel sites for secure payments.

This travel sites are the only ones that you need to have an amazing and cheap trip. So don't think twice when using them and also don't get miscarried by the hundreds of thousand of other website that will offer you the same. All of this sites are trustworthy and I can tell you that I had used them to do many trips and everything went well. Didn't have any set backs at all. You can trust this travel sites with your money and being honest this are the only 5 websites that I can trust them with my money and my personal information.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post. We only add the very best travel sites in the internet and this are certainly the top 5. We will be adding more travel sites as they surge. If you like this post please show some good karma and share it with your friends!! We will really appreciate it!

Getting Ready For an Awesome Trip!!

So next monday I will be on my way to an awesome trip

Me and a couple of buddies will be traveling to Europe and the destinations are pretty amazing!

First we are going to arrive at London!

The next stop will be at Sweden!! And it something that I am being waiting for a lot!!! Beautiful country and girls, what else can a boy ask?

Next we will arrive at Amsterdam, and in case you where wondering, I won't do any drugs, like to keep clean to be honest. And my college drug tests are pretty harsh so won't even bother!!

The next stop will be in Italy where I have NO CLUE what is going to happen there. I just know that we are going to be traveling with some italian buddies who told us that they where going to take care of us. So it is exciting to somewhere where faith is going to guide us!!

And finally will be arriving at Madrid!! Where the fun and party begins!! I will be sharing all the trip photos! So whoever is watching this and like it keep coming back to see how the tips is going!!

I have realized that it is very possible that nobody is seeing this blog..... But hell!! Keep the faith up lol!

Traveling inspiration

Just wanted to share some epic, star wars epicness videos about traveling.

Hope that I don't make you to pumped up to hit the skies and go somewhere awesome!

About This Blog

This blog is meant to share the very best sites on the internet to travel.

Truth is that there are very few awesome website that come in handy when it is time to hit the road.

And most people (including me) like to travel for cheap.

But most of websites about travel don't have a good service or even worse many times are total scams that just rob people's money.

We will be adding websites when anything new comes up.

Happy traveling!!!!